HTML Codes Tutorial

The purpose of HTML Codes Tutorial by Example is to teach beginners the building blocks of HTML. This site is different from other HTML Tutorial sites in the following three ways:

1. Introduces only the most commonly used elements.
Since the goal of this HTML tutorial site is to help you build your own web page quickly, it does list all the possible HTML elements. Rather, it will only list the common ones so you can start as soon as possible.

2. Heavy use of examples.
I have always believed that following examples is the best way to learn anything, and especially a new computer language. Therefore, I have provided plenty of html code examples here.

3. Include information on search engine optimization.
Once you build a web page, you obviously want other people to visit your page. After all, that is the reason for building and publishing your own web page, right? The best way for other people to find your site is via search engines. But there are millions of other pages. How can your page be discovered? This HTML tutorial will tell you what you need to pay attention to in designing your page.

Now, please bookmark this site by pressing Control-D, and proceed with the rest of the tutorial by either clicking on the Next Section link below, or go directly to one of the sections on the left-hand side.

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