Data Warehousing

This Data Warehousing site aims to help people get a good high-level understanding of what it takes to implement a successful data warehouse project. A lot of the information is from my personal experience as a business intelligence professional, both as a client and as a vendor.

This site is divided into six main areas:

- Tools: The selection of business intelligence tools and the selection of the data warehousing team. Tools covered are:

- Steps: This selection contains the typical milestones for a data warehousing project, from requirement gathering, query optimization, to production rollout and beyond. I also offer my observations on the data warehousing field.

- Business Intelligence: Business intelligence is closely related to data warehousing. This section discusses business intelligence, as well as the relationship between business intelligence and data warehousing.

- Concepts: This section discusses several concepts particular to the data warehousing field. Topics include:

- Business Intelligence Conferences: Lists upcoming conferences in the business intelligence / data warehousing industry.

- Glossary: A glossary of common data warehousing terms.

This site is updated frequently to reflect the latest technology, information, and reader feedback. Please bookmark this site now.

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