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The strpos function in PHP is used to find the position of the first match in a string. The syntax of the strpos function is:

strpos ('string', 'match_pattern', [offset])

The optional offset parameter tells the function to start looking for the match after the offset-th character in the string. The value returned by the function still indicates the position of the first match relative to the entire string.

Let's take a look at the examples below:

Example 1

print strpos ('Hurrah Hurrah','Hur');



In this example, the match occurs at the very beginning of the string, hence the function returns 0.

Example 2

print strpos ('Hurrah Hurrah', 'Hur', 3);



The offset value of 3 means that we start looking for the match in position 3. From there, the first match occurs at position 7.

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