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Task Description

Once the QA team gives thumbs up, it is time for the data warehouse system to go live. Some may think this is as easy as flipping on a switch, but usually it is not true. Depending on the number of end users, it sometimes takes up to a full week to bring everyone online! Fortunately, nowadays most end users access the data warehouse over the web, making going production sometimes as easy as sending out an URL via email.

Time Requirement

1 - 3 days.


  • Delivery of the data warehousing system to the end users.

Possible Pitfalls

Take care to address the user education needs. There is nothing more frustrating to spend several months to develop and QA the data warehousing system, only to have little usage because the users are not properly trained. Regardless of how intuitive or easy the interface may be, it is always a good idea to send the users to at least a one-day course to let them understand what they can achieve by properly using the data warehouse.

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