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In the SQL Alias section, we saw that the syntax for using table and column aliases is as follows:

SELECT "table_alias"."column_name1" "column_alias"
FROM "table_name" "table_alias";

The keyword AS is used to assign an alias to the column or a table. It is insert between the column name and the column alias or between the table name and the table alias. The syntax for using AS is as follows:

SELECT "table_alias"."column_name1" AS "column_alias"
FROM "table_name" AS "table_alias";

Let's take a look at the same example as we used in the SQL Alias section. Assume we have the following table, Store_Information,

Table Store_Information

Los Angeles1500Jan-05-1999
San Diego250Jan-07-1999
Los Angeles300Jan-08-1999

To find total sales by store using AS as part of the table and column alias, we type in:

SELECT A1.Store_Name Store, SUM(A1.Sales) AS "Total Sales"
FROM Store_Information AS A1
GROUP BY A1.Store_Name;


Store   Total Sales
Los Angeles   1800
San Diego   250
Boston   700


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