Data Warehousing Project - Incremental Enhancements

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Task Description

Once the data warehousing system goes live, there are often needs for incremental enhancements. I am not talking about a new data warehousing phases, but simply small changes that follow the business itself. For example, the original geographical designations may be different, the company may originally have 4 sales regions, but now because sales are going so well, now they have 10 sales regions.


  • Change management documentation
  • Actual change to the data warehousing system

Possible Pitfalls

Because a lot of times the changes are simple to make, it is very tempting to just go ahead and make the change in production. This is a definite no-no. Many unexpected problems will pop up if this is done. I would very strongly recommend that the typical cycle of development --> QA --> Production be followed, regardless of how simple the change may seem.

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