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The GETDATE function is used to retrieve the current database system time in SQL Server. Its syntax is


GETDATE does not require any argument.

Example: The SQL statement


yields the following result:

'2000-03-15 00:05:02.123'

GETDATE function is most useful when we need to record the time a particular transaction happens. In SQL Server, we simply insert the value of the GETDATE( ) function into the table to achieve this. We can also set the default value of a column to be GETDATE( ) to achieve the same purpose.

The Oracle and MySQL equivalent of GETDATE is SYSDATE.

List of SQL Date Functions

Function NameDescription
DATEADDAdds an interval to a date value in SQL Server.
DATEDIFFCalculates the difference between two dates in MySQL and SQL Server.
DATEPARTExtracts a specific part of a date/time value in SQL Server.
GETDATERetrieves database time in SQL Server.
SYSDATERetrieves database time in Oracle and MySQL.


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