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The GETDATE function is used to retrieve the current database system time in SQL Server. A common use of GETDATE is to get today's date.


The syntax for the GETDATE function is,


GETDATE does not require any argument.


The SQL statement,


produces the following result when run on March 15, 2000, at 00:05:02.123 AM.

'2000-03-15 00:05:02.123'

GETDATE function is most useful when we need to record the time a particular transaction happens. In SQL Server, we simply insert the value of the GETDATE( ) function into the table to achieve this. We can also set the default value of a column to be GETDATE( ) to achieve the same purpose.

The Oracle and MySQL equivalent of GETDATE is SYSDATE.

List of SQL Date Functions

Function NameDescription
 DATEADD  Adds an interval to a date value in SQL Server. 
 DATEDIFF  Calculates the difference between two dates in MySQL and SQL Server. 
 DATEPART  Extracts a specific part of a date/time value in SQL Server. 
 GETDATE  Retrieves database time in SQL Server. 
 SYSDATE  Retrieves database time in Oracle and MySQL. 
 EXTRACT  Retrieves a certain component of a date or timestamp value. 


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