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The clear property is used to cancel the effect of float. Possible values for the clear property are:

  • left: Keep the left side clear.
  • right: Keep the right side clear.
  • both: Keep both sides clear.
  • none: Do not keep either side clear.

    Let's take a look at a modified example from the float page:

    CSS declaration:

    #leftfloat {

    #clearleft {

    the following HTML,

    <span id="leftfloat"><img src="yp.jpg"></span>This example <span id="clearleft"> illustrates how clear:left breaks the float property. </span>


    This example illustrates how clear:left breaks the float property.

    Notice that once the clear:left style is applied, the float:left style no longer applies, and all the text following the clear:left style appear below the image.

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