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The CONVERT function in MySQL and SQL Server converts data from one data type to another.


The syntax of the CONVERT function is as follows:

CONVERT (expression, [data type])

where [data type] is a valid data type in the RDBMS you are working with.


We use the following table for our example.

Table Student_Score

 Column Name  Data Type 
 StudentID  integer 
 First_Name  char(20) 
 Score  float 

This table contains the following rows:

Table Student_Score

 StudentID  First_Name  Score 
1Jenny 85.2 
2Bob 92.5 
3Alice 90 
4James 120.1 

The SQL statement,

SELECT First_Name, CONVERT(Score, Integer) Int_Score FROM Student_Score;

produces the following result set:

First_Name Int_Score
Jenny 85
Bob 92
Alice 90
James 120

CONVERT function in Oracle

In Oracle, the CONVERT function is used differently. It converts a string from one character set to another.

Syntax in Oracle

CONVERT (string, [new character set], [original character set])


This page was last updated on June 19, 2023.

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