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The TRIM function in SQL is used to remove a specified prefix or suffix from a string. The most common pattern being removed is the white space. This function is called differently in different databases:

  • MySQL: TRIM( ), RTRIM( ), LTRIM( )
  • Oracle: RTRIM( ), LTRIM( )
  • SQL Server: RTRIM( ), LTRIM( )


The syntax for the TRIM function is as follows:

TRIM( [ [LOCATION] [remstr] FROM ] str)

[LOCATION] can be either LEADING, TRAILING, or BOTH. This function gets rid of the [remstr] pattern from either the beginning of the string or the end of the string, or both. If no [remstr] is specified, white spaces are removed.

The syntax for the LTRIM function is as follows:

LTRIM (str)

LTRIM removes all white spaces from the beginning of the string.

The syntax for the RTRIM function is as follows:

RTRIM (str)

RTRIM removes all white spaces at the end of the string.


Example 1: TRIM function

SELECT TRIM('   Sample   ');



Example 2: LTRIM function

SELECT LTRIM('   Sample   ');


'Sample   '

Example 3: RTRIM function

SELECT RTRIM('   Sample   ');


'   Sample'

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