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Video tutorials on SQL:

  1. SQL Basics Tutorial Video: This video covers the following SQL keywords: SELECT ... FROM, DISTINCT, WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, and HAVING. After you finish watching this video, you'll be able to write basic SQL queries to retrieve data from a relational database.

  2. Union, Intersect, Minus Video: This video discusses how to combine two sets of results together in SQL. The following SQL keywords are covered: INTERSECT, UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT.

  3. Table Management Video: This video discusses how to manage a table in SQL. The following SQL commands are covered: CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, and TRUNCATE TABLE.

  4. Table Constraint Video: Discusses how to put constraints on a column so only certain values are allowed. The following types of constraints are discussed: NOT NULL, DEFAULT, UNIQUE, and CHECK.

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