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Google Trends

Google Trends ( is a product from Google that allows users to look at how query term volumes have changed over time. To use Google Trends, type one or multiple query terms (separated by comma) into the search box, and click the “Search Trends” button. A graph displaying the relative number of times this query […]

Creating a Simple Google Sitemap

There is a way to tell Google what pages exist on your website by creating a sitemap in XML format. Note that this is different from a sitemap HTML page, even though both share the same purpose of making sure the search engine sees your pages. The main difference is that your human visitors will […]

Suggestions for Youtube Search

Youtube has grown tremendously in popularity, both in English-speaking countries as well as non-English-speaking countries. This is pretty amazing given that its interface is in English only. The site is pretty easy to navigate, and it has an amazing amount of content. Youtube’s search function, however, can use a bit of help. I have 3 […]

Convert IP Address to Country

One exercise that you’d like to do is find out which countries your visitors are coming from. There are several reasons for doing this: 1) You might want to tailor your content to that particular demographic. 2) If you have lots of visitors from a particular country, you might want to consider adding a version […]

Google Analytics

I have been testing Google Analytics for a couple of months now, and thought it appropriate to share my experience with this tool. Setup You’ll sign up using your Google/Gmail account. There used to be a wait time before Google will give you access, but now you can instantly use Google Analytics. For each page […]

SEO Technique – Leveraging Yahoo Answers

One method that I’ve never seen anyone talk about for increasing your site’s traffic is leveraging Yahoo Answers (or Yahoo Knowledge, depending on which country you are in). This is especially useful if you have an informational site. What you can do is to list your site as part the answer, or list it as […]

Pimp My Blog in 8 Steps – Steps 7 & 8: Header Tags and Enable Auto Discovery

This post talks about the final two steps in pimping my blog. 7. Change template for header tags You’ll want to make sure the most important elements of your blog, such as your blog title, are in the <h1> tag. Other elements, such as the date of your posting, should be de-emphasized and not be […]

Pimp My Blog in 8 Steps: Steps 5 & 6 – Make it easy to bookmark/share and subscribe

This post talks about steps 5 and 6 in pimping my blog. 5. Add, digg, and reddit links for people to easily bookmark and share your blog Bookmarking and bookmark sharing services allow users to keep their bookmarks on the web, as well as sharing these bookmarks with their community. As such, it is […]