March 2016 Browser Market Share

Here is the browser market share for March 2016, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from February 2016):

Google Chrome: 65.29% (+1.14%)
Firefox: 14.66% (-0.59%)
IE: 12.76% (-0.50%)
Safari: 3.42% (-0.05%)
Edge: 1.05% (+0.06%)

Google Chrome continued its strength in March, gaining 1.14% to 65.29%. The gain came at the expense of Firefox, IE, and Safari, all of which saw its market share decline in March. If you think you have read this statement before, you are correct, because the same thing happened in February as well. Microsoft Edge finally broke 1% in March.

In March, Microsoft has finally started giving Edge the extension functionality–a functionality that likely has prompted most Windows 10 users to go to Chrome and Firefox. The number of extension is quite limited at this time, though it should grow over time. My impression is that, “it’s best late than never.” If Microsoft can manage to keep half of its new Windows 10 users on Edge because of the extension functionality, it will do a lot better than it is today, when only 12.51% of its Windows 10 users are using a Microsoft browser.