Tokyo Trip and 787 Dreamliner Experience

I recently took a trip to Tokyo, and I want to share my experience of the trip, which hopefully can be of use to some people.

Google Map Directions

First, I will say that Google Map directions will get you to the vicinity of where you want to go without any problem. If you use the “by Public Transit” option, it will show you the correct routes to take and the correct station to get off.

However, there are two problems:

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Adsense testing with PHP

One advice people always give for webmasters in the Google Adsense program is to test ad placement, color scheme, etc. A common test is the A/B test. There are several articles talking about how to set up such a test using either Javascript or PHP, and they invariably involve the use of a random number generator to determine whether a visitor would fall under the control group or the test group. Even Google’s official Adsense blog talks about it.

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