Google asking for feedback on Adsense / Google Analytics

Google is soliciting feedback on how Google Analytics can help webmasters be successful in AdSense. The feedback is running on Google Groups, so you’ll need a Google account (if you are using Google Analytics, you already have one), and your comment will be public.

Back in SES San Jose, I asked some of the Google people on the possibility of tracking AdSesne clicks within Google Analytics. At that time, I did not get anything definitive. I am glad to see that Google is offering this ability now. Personally, I’d like to see how clicks on Adsense ads correlate to the entry source (referring domain, keywords, etc). That type of information would be very helpful in telling webmasters which channels they should focus on optimizing.

Business Objects and MicroStrategy report Q3 Earnings

On Wednesday, Business Objects reported Q3 earnings of 41 cents per share after adjustment of one-time charges, beating the consensus estimate of 34 cents. Revenue was $310.4 M, ahead of the consensus estimate of $295 M. License revenue was $132 M (up 9% YoY), while service revenue was $179 M (up 27% YoY).

Yesterday, MicroStrategy reported Q3 earnings of $1.32 per share, beating the consensus estimate of $1.19. Revenue was $77.7 M, also beating the consensus estimate of $74.1 M. Product license revenue was $24.5 M (up 8% YoY), and support/services revenue was $53.2 M (up 23% YoY).

Wall Street cheered the results of both companies, sending Business Objects share up 9% on Thursday MicroStrategy shares up 4% today.

These are good reports for the data warehousing in general, as both companies are important players in the space. Their reports also show that the big software companies, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, do not yet have their business intelligence products quite up to the level of the specialist players yet. Given that this is still a growth area, it remains to be seen if any of these 3 big companies will make a big move (either releasing a next-generation product or acquiring an existing company) in the near future.

Danny Sullivan announces his plans for 2007

Danny Sullivan announced his plans for 2007 in his blog today. In short, he will participate in next year’s SES conferences, although in a decreasing role with each one (chair of SES NY in April 2007, co-chair of SES SJ in August 2007, and consulting for SES Chicago in December 2007). For Search Engine Watch, Danny’s last day is still November 30, 2006.

This is definitely good news for the industry in the short run, as Danny will stay involved with SES, which should ensure that SES is staying on course. In the long run, it appears that 2007 will be a transition year for him, and that come 2008, he’ll most likely be doing something on his own. This should allow him some time to carefully plan out his next steps.

Depository of Mashup programs

I came across a website called ProgrammableWeb, which lists mashups available on the web, as well as the API’s and tags related to these mashups.

What is a mashup? According to Wikipedia, a mashup is a website or web application that combines content from more than one source. Say, for example, you create an application that compares Google, Yahoo, and MSN search results. This would be considered a mashup.

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Comparing Personalized Homepages

I have tried out the personalized home page option for the 3 major sites: Google, MSN (My MSN), and Yahoo (My Yahoo). All three do a good job to allow you to set up page(s) where you can see the information you care on a single page, and users can easily add/modify/delete content on all 3. Here I will focus on the differences among the three. I will also list recommendations on which one to use based on which criteria you value the most.


Below are features that are different among the three:

Presence of ad banner: Google and MSN do not have ad banners, while Yahoo does.

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Hyperion and Informatica Quarterly Earnings

Two key players in the data warehousing world, Hyperion and Informatica, both posted quarterly earning yesterday. The market gave the two companies very different receptions.

Hyperion posted revenue of $198.5M during the quarter, higher than the consensus estimate of $191M. Both licensing revenue and services revenue were strong. Earnings excluding items were 34 cents, two pennies below the estimate. Despite the earnings shortfall, the stock is trading up today (currently up $0.93 at $37.25). This is most likely because the revenue outlook for next quarter of $210 M to $215 M is higher than the analyst estimate of $204 M.

Informatica posted revenue of $78.9 M, lower than the consensus of $80.3 M. Earnings excluding items were 16 cents per share, higher than the consensus amount of 14 cents a share. Q4 outlook for revenue (87 M to 90 M) was lower than the consensus of 91.1 M, while the Q4 earnings outlook of 16 to 18 cents a share is in line with the consensus of 17 cents a share. Informatica shares are being punished today, down $1.78 to $11.88.

Microsoft introduces LinkfromDomain operator on

Microsoft has introduced the LinkfromDomain operator on¬ This operator allows users to see all¬ outgoing links from a¬ top-level domain.¬ This is basically the opposite of the LinkDomain¬ operator, which allows users to see all¬ incoming links to a domain.

Whlie test driving this command, I noticed the following:

1.¬ LinkfromDomain is not available for subdomains, while LinkDomain is.¬

2.¬ ¬ The LinkfromDomain operator will give all links from that domain, regardless whether that link has a rel=nofollow designation.¬ Also, links buried in Javascript are also displayed.

3.¬ The LinkfromDomain operator is a good way of identifying outdated links from a site.¬ This is very useful if you are the site owner.