Snapshot: Alexa Competitor released Snapshot, which like Alexa offers free web site traffic report. There are several differences between Snapshot and Alexa:

1. Alexa shows data down to the daily level, while Snapshot shows data at the monthly level.

2. Alexa’s user base is global, while Snapshot is limited to the US audience.

3. Alexa gets its numbers from the Alexa Toolbar, while Snapshot gets its numbers from the Compete Toolbar, ISPs, Opt-in panels, and application providers.

4. Alexa does not provide a Unique Visitor count, while Snapshot does.

5. There is no API to retrieve the data from Snapshot at this time.

After looking at the site, I am not in any hurry to dump Alexa, and I definitely would not call Snapshot a “better version of Alexa”, as this post in SearchEngineWatch states. In overall features, Alexa still offers more and goes deeper at this point. However, it’s always good to have a choice — this usually means the players involved will improve quicker.

For people whose website attracts lots of visitors outside of US, or are in a space where global traffic is important, Snapshot is probably not what you want to use. At the same time, if your site is US-centric and you actually don’t care about traffic from outside of the US, you might find Snapshot to be a better option than Alexa.

I also took at look at the site, and found the following:

- Search: Results provided by Yahoo.

- MyCompete: A personalized page for the Compete community, where people can participate in forums, surveys, and other activities to earn Compete Points. There is currently no word in how these points can be redeemed.

I was expecting MyCompete would allow me to custom define a set of websites to see on Snapshot. Unfortunately this was not true.