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List of Official Google Blogs

We show the list of Google blogs that we are aware of as of November, 2006.

Domain Search Engine is a new domain search engine offering some pretty cool functionalities. First, its front page has a Google suggest-like feature that allow you to instantly see whether a domain you are interested in is available. The site also offers several additional tools for people interested in domaining (or those who are just curious):

Salaries for SEO professionals

Rand has a posting on SEO salaries in SEOMoz Blog. In the post, he listed average salaries for various SEO positions for both in-house and agency. His numbers appear to be on target, although the range he gave is quite large. And because it’s impossible to provide numbers for every metro area in the world, […]

Japanese Web Page Not Rendering in IE6

I had been working on some web pages in Japanese, and found some of the pages showed up blank in IE6. This was quite strange for a couple of reasons: 1. The same pages rendered ok in Firefox, Opera, and even IE7. 2. When I do a “view source”, I can see the full HTML […]

Browser Market Share, October 2006

Below is the % browser share, based on traffic to my two highest trafficked sites in October 2006: IE: 68.2% Firefox: 28.0% Opera: 2.0% Safari: 0.8% Mozilla: 0.6% Netscape: 0.3% Konqueror: 0.1% Compared to the September 2006 numbers, IE declined by 1.5%, and Firefox gained 1.5%. There was no significant change in the smaller players. […]

New search engine Zotspot pays users to search

Yesterday Zotspot announced the official launch of its search engine. What’s different about this search engine is that it is paying users to search. Users may also donate the money they earned to charities. Users can also earn money from referrals.