Browser Market Share, November 2006

Here’s the browser market share, based on traffic to my two highest trafficked sites in November 2006:

  • IE: 68.2%
  • Firefox: 28.2%
  • Opera: 2.0%
  • Safari: 0.7%
  • Mozilla: 0.5%
  • Netscape: 0.3%

This is virtually unchanged from the Octboer 2006 numbers: IE remains the same at 68.2%, and Firefox gained slightly, at the expense of the less popular browsers.

We also found that IE7 now comprised 11.5% of all IE traffic, about doubling the October level of 6.4%. Firefox 2.0 comprised 38.2% of all Firefox traffic, about quadrupling the October level of 9.1%. This shows that the Firefox community is much more willing to upgrade to the latest version, while people using IE are less willing to do the same.

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