AuctionAds, a new advertising network launched last week, is receiving positive reviews.

The signup process is very quick. What I liked about it is that it doesn’t ask for your social security number. I am always a bit leery about providing my SSN when I first sign up for an advertising network, since I want to give out as little of my personal information as possible, given the constant threat of identity theft. Once I earn enough money for them to need to know my SSN, I’ll gladly provide it.

It is easy to implement the code. You’ll need provide some input such as the ad size, font color, and the keywords to target. Then you are given a piece of javascript code to implement on your site, similar to Google Adsense. Speaking of Adsense, AuctionAds can coexist with Adsesne, as it is not contextually based (since you’ll need to provide your own keyword).

AuctionAds is built on top of the eBay affiliate program, so the ads are eBay listings. The ads that show up are images with the accompanying bid information. There is a live demonstration at the AuctionAds site.

Based on everything I am seeing so far, AuctionAds looks like a very promising program. I’m implementing AuctionAds on a couple of sites to see how it goes. Will report back here in a few days.

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