Google shows what’s hot in near real-time

Today, Google announced Google Hot Trends, a feature within the Google Trends tool. If you go to Google Trends right now, you’ll find a “Today’s Hot Trends” section, which lists the 10 top hot queries on Google (now only limited to the US site). At the daily level, Google will also show the top 100 top queries.

Two things I found interesting about this service are:

1. Google is telling us, in a near real-time fashion, what’s hot in the world. I am sure savvy webmasters will soon be able to take this information and use it to drive traffic to their sites.

2. If you go into each hot query, you’ll find a “discuss with others” link, which links to Google Groups, and appears to be a play at the Communities space. I do agree that looking at a “what’s hot” list would generate a lot of discussion, so this is a good idea by Google. At the same time, I don’t see a lot of threads there, so it remains to be seen whether this component will be a success.