Blog Review – is Jason Neuman’s personal blog, and was started in February 2007. He writes about a variety of topics there, from family to cars to make money online to technology. In 4 short months, he has accumulated a good readership — for example, has been reviewed by over 160 blogs.

Jason posts a lot — just about once a day. His posts are usually of modest length, which makes them easily digestible. This is not a place to find hard-core SEO techniques or evil make money schemes. Instead, Jason’s content is easy to follow, and is a pleasant read.

One thing I find interesting about his approach is that he writes about all sorts of things he finds interesting in this one blog. This is a good approach, as it allows him to write about a variety of topics without worrying about whether it suits the taste of his audience. Also, he doesn’t have to maintain multiple blogs, and can concentrate all his link juice to a single domain. I have tried to do multiple blogs before, and that was very difficult to pull off, so I think Jason is on the right track here.

The only thing I wish he can do is to offer a separate RSS feed for each one of his categories. This way, those who are interested in his “Making Money Online” category but not the “Improvement” category can read only his articles about “Making Money Online”.

Book Review: Adsense Code by Joel Comm

“Adsense Code” by Joel Comm was published in April 2006, and covered many topics related to Adsense. The book claims to reveal the “secret” of Adsense.

When I first read this book, I didn’t have any expectations. After all, I have been using Adsense since late 2003, and have pretty much seen all the techniques being discussed. However, I was in for a pleasant surprise: I actually found the book to be quite good. There are several reasons:

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How to add Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Tag/Category/Archive pages in a WordPress Blog

After setting up the tagging functinoality in WordPress using Jerome’s Keywords, I noticed some issues with how the page titles and the meta descriptions are displayed in several page types:

Category pages: <title> only showed the name of the category, and there was no meta description.

Tag pages: <title> was empty, and there was no meta description.

Monthly archive pages: <title> only showed the name of the month, and there was no meta description.

As we all know, for SEO, title tags and meta descriptions are what the users will see in the search results pages. With these types of setup, there is no way I can hope to generate any traffic into my category pages, tag pages, or monthly archive pages. I browsed the web hoping to find a solution on this (especially on setting up the title tag and meta description for the tag pages), but I had no success. I also browsed many blogs, and none of the tag pages I saw had a satisfactory implementation of title tag and meta description.

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3 Levels of making money on the web

There are 3 levels of making money on the web:

1. Blogging: You have to constantly work to keep the traffic. This is in fact the most labor-intensive way of earning money. Chances are, once you stop posting new articles, your site will stop earning money for you. To pull this off, you don’t need much technical skill, especially if you go with a blog service provider such as Blogger or WordPress.

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Safari is now available on Windows

Today Apple announced that it is releasing Safari for Windows. This is certainly a welcome news for the Windows community, as most of the prevalent browsers for Windows, namely IE, Firefox, and Opera, all suffer some type of performance shortcomings.

I downloaded Safari 3 Beta for Windows and started playing with it. Overall, the browsing experience is pleasant, browser speed was quick as advertised, and Apple’s renowned user interface did not disappoint. I did run into one issue, though, and that was I was unable to enter Chinese characters. Unfortunately for me, that means in the short run, I will need to stick with one of the current browsers.

It will be interesting to see how this announcement shakes up the browser market share. As I have been posting here in TopCat Blog, Safari’s market share has ranged between 0.6% to 0.8% during the past 9 months. One can expect that this number will increase in the coming months, as more and more Windows users discover Safari. My guess is that Safari will grow significantly at the expense of IE, and Firefox’s market share will become flat, as new defectors of IE will now likely turn to Safari.

Review of Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits Blueprint

I came upon Yaro Starak’s recently released free ebook called Blog Profits Blueprint. Yaro Starak is an entrepreneur from Australia, and his blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey, enjoys a wide readership.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. Yaro didn’t touch on the technical aspects of blogging at all (i.e., what WordPress plugins to use, etc). Instead, he laid out steps for selecting topics, writing posts, and blog marketing.

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Increase Adsense CTR by showing more Ads

I want to talk about a recent experiment I did for one of my sites in relation to increasing Adsense CTR. Originally this site had two columns, a navigation column on the left, and a main content column. The only advertising on the site was Adsense (two blocks). Then, I started noticing that all the big, established sites have multiple ads on their pages, and I thought, why not do that on my site? So, I added a third column to that particular site, and that column is entirely advertising, consisting of 125×125 boxes and a 120×600 skyscraper. Those are mostly affiliate links.

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Website Monetization with Job Board

Inspired by Dosh Dosh, I decided to look into setting up a job board for some of my sites.

The first thing I did was to find out who is offering this type of affiliate program. Dosh Dosh mentioned Job-a-matic, Job Thread, and Job Coins. I also remembers that Techcrunch has its own job board, so I went and found out that Edgeio also offers this type of program. Finally, I went through the big job sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Hotjobs, and found that, even though most of them do offer an affiliate program, only one of them has a job board functionality, and that’s So, the initial list of candidates are: Job-a-matic, Job Thread, Job Coins, Edgeio, and

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