How to add Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Tag/Category/Archive pages in a WordPress Blog

After setting up the tagging functinoality in WordPress using Jerome’s Keywords, I noticed some issues with how the page titles and the meta descriptions are displayed in several page types:

Category pages: <title> only showed the name of the category, and there was no meta description.

Tag pages: <title> was empty, and there was no meta description.

Monthly archive pages: <title> only showed the name of the month, and there was no meta description.

As we all know, for SEO, title tags and meta descriptions are what the users will see in the search results pages. With these types of setup, there is no way I can hope to generate any traffic into my category pages, tag pages, or monthly archive pages. I browsed the web hoping to find a solution on this (especially on setting up the title tag and meta description for the tag pages), but I had no success. I also browsed many blogs, and none of the tag pages I saw had a satisfactory implementation of title tag and meta description.

So, I decided to modify the Header page (typically named ‘header.php’) of my theme to make sure the proper title and meta descriptions are shown for these three types of pages. What I did was as follows:

1. Got rid of the code from <title> to </title>

2. Insert the following code in its place: tag_page_title.txt

When you implement the code, please make sure you replace “TopCat Blog” with the name of your own Blog.

Please note that for the Category title/meta description to display correctly, you’ll need to give each category a description. You can do so under Options → Categories. Once the Header file is saved with the above code, the tag pages, category pages, and the monthly archive pages will then have the proper title tags and meta descriptions.