Website Monetization with Job Board

Inspired by Dosh Dosh, I decided to look into setting up a job board for some of my sites.

The first thing I did was to find out who is offering this type of affiliate program. Dosh Dosh mentioned Job-a-matic, Job Thread, and Job Coins. I also remembers that Techcrunch has its own job board, so I went and found out that Edgeio also offers this type of program. Finally, I went through the big job sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Hotjobs, and found that, even though most of them do offer an affiliate program, only one of them has a job board functionality, and that’s So, the initial list of candidates are: Job-a-matic, Job Thread, Job Coins, Edgeio, and

As I looked more closer into how the site (demo and live) looked, it became apparent to me that the key criteria for me would be the ability to backfill jobs. That means that, if no one has yet posted a job to my job board, the job site would be able to show a list of jobs so that the board doesn’t look bare. Based on that, I narrowed down my choice to Job-a-matic and Both have plenty of jobs to backfill.

Between the two, I choose to go first with because it has several ways to monetize: In addition to the job board, site owners can create a jobroll and display it on their site. will populate the jobroll with sponsored listings, so that it’s a PPC model. Site owners can also put search boxes and text links on the site. Finally, offers an XML API for advanced use.

I have been using for about two weeks now, and the results are encouraging — no job signups yet, but there are clicks. Based on what I have seen so far, this is definitely a program worth trying out for, especially if you have a tech audience.