Browser Market Share, June 2007

Here is the browser market share for June 2007, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 65.12%
Firefox: 31.33%
Opera: 1.94%
Safari: 0.73%
Mozilla: 0.57%

For the first time since we started reporting browser market share numbers, IE increased market share (+0.23%) and Firefox lost market share (-0.09%). The biggest loser for June, however, was Opera, which lost 0.18%. Safari gained 0.10% during June, with Safari on Windows accounting for most of the gain (0.07%).

It appears that Safari on Windows has not made much inroads into the IE/Firefox duopoly in the browser market. It is currently only an alpha product, with bugs to be worked out, so I don’t expect much change in the browser landscape before Safari on Windows is officially in production.