Mobile Analytics – Comparing AdMob, Bango, and Google Analytics

In looking through my website analytics data, I realized that a portion of my visitors are visiting my sites from a mobile device. Therefore, a recent project has been to convert one of my sites to be mobile-friendly.

Once the site is up and running, I need to know the traffic going to the mobile site. There are several mobile analytics programs available, so I decided to pick 3 of them: AdMob, Bango, and Google Analytics, and compare their results. I also analyzed my web server log for that one day to provide a reference.

The results based on one day’s worth of data are as follows:

Method Pageviews Visitors
Google Analytics 136 44
AdMob 305 30
Bango 280 192
Web Server Log 385 128

AdMob and Bango were both a little low on pageviews. AdMob was lower by 21%, while Bango was lower by 27%. Google Analytics, on the other hand, missed out on 64% of all pageviews.

For visitors, all 3 mobile analytics tools were disappointing: Google Analytics and AdMob were too low, and Bango was too high.

In conclusion, among the 3 web analytics tools, AdMob and Bango both do an acceptable job in measuring pageviews. None of the 3 tools, on the other hand, provide a good visitor count.