Adobe’s Interesting Marriage To Omniture

It’s been a month since Adobe announced its purchase of Omniture. While some people have actually come out and say that getting the web analytics component is a smart move by Adobe, as Adobe would be able to bundle the Omniture technology into its web publishing offerings, most people remain skeptical as a) getting web analytics technology does not make a lot of sense given Adobe’s existing product line. Getting bought by either a top internet company or a company offering business intelligence solutions makes a lot more sense. b) Google Analytics, which is free, is rapidly making web analytics a commodity.

Then did Adobe make a mistake? Hardly. I believe there are two main reasons why Adobe got Omniture, neither of which had anything to do with the web analytics component.

1) Test & Target: This is a testing platform which allows web publishers to run different types of tests to optimize the website, from simple A/B testing to complicated multi-variant testing. Omniture acquired this technology through its purchase of Offermatica two years ago, and it has integrated Offermatica’s technology into its product suite. Test & Target is considered one of the top products in website testing and optimization.

2) Software As A Service (SaaS) model: Whether its web analytics or testing, Omniture uses the SaaS model and has done a pretty good job at it. In a SaaS model, the software vendor hosts the application so the customer does not need to worry about having to install software, checking for compatibility, or purchasing and managing new hardware and software. By purchasing Omniture, Adobe will be able to gain the SaaS expertise of Omniture.