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Amazon Enters Data Warehousing Field Via Amazon Redshift Service

Amazon announced Amazon Redshift service, which is a low-cost, high-performance data warehousing platform that is built on the MPP infrastructure.

Find Duplicates in SQL

Find out how to use SQL to find duplicates in a table. In addition, learn how to retrieve all records that contain duplicates.

BOTW Cyber Monday 2012 Promo Code 50% Off

BOTW is offering its best promo code of 2012 for Cyber Monday.

File Transfer Between Android and PC

Describe the steps I used to set up file transfer from PC to Android, and from Android to PC.

Copy a table in SQL

Describes how to copy a table in a relational database using SQL. You can either copy just the table structure, or the table structure and the data.

Browser Market Share, October 2012

In October 2012, Google Chrome continued to gain market share from IE and Firefox. IE market share did not see a lift from the Windows 8 launch.