Browser Market Share, December 2012

Here is the browser market share for December 2012, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from November 2012):

Google Chrome: 37.80% (+0.58%)
IE: 29.72% (-0.13%)
Firefox: 26.37% (-0.74%)
Safari: 3.07% (+0.21%)
Opera: 1.41% (-0.03%)

The last month of 2012 continued to be strong for Google Chrome. In fact, based on our data, Google Chrome not only gained market share in every month in 2012, but it also gained at least 0.51% every month. IE lost 0.13% in December, which means that its Browser You Love To Hate campaign most likely isn’t generating as much positive effect as Microsoft would have liked to see. It’s also worth noting that Safari broke the 3% benchmark in December for the first time, gaining 0.21% to 3.07%.

This is also a good time to look at the browser market share change for all of 2012:

Google Chrome: +9.31%
IE: -4.93%
Firefox: -5.96%
Safari: +1.16%
Opera: -0.21%

Not surprisingly, Google Chrome gained the most while IE lost close to 5%. What may be a surprise to people are:

1) Firefox lost close to 6% — in fact, it lost more ground than IE did during 2012.

2) Safari gained 1.16%. The bulk of Safari’s strength came from September to December.

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