Browser Market Share, April 2013

Here is the browser market share for April 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from March 2013):

Google Chrome: 39.37% (+0.53%)
IE: 29.73% (+0.16%)
Firefox: 24.57% (-0.45%)
Safari: 3.55% (-0.11%)
Opera: 1.11% (-0.01%)

Google Chrome was strong in April, gaining 0.53% to 39.37%. IE also gained market share during the month. The losers in April were Firefox and Safari, which lost 0.45% and 0.11%, respectively. Google’s gain came at the expense of both IE and Firefox, both lost more than 0.8% during March. StatCounter reported a similar trend, showing Chrome and IE both gaining market share and Firefox and Safari both losing.

There were reports that IE 10 doubled its market share in April. Our data showed that IE 10′s overall market share (not just among IE browsers) went from 1.84% in March to 3.11% in April. While this isn’t doubling, it is nevertheless a strong growth. This growth has been attributed to Microsoft’s automatic update of IE browsers from IE9 to IE10 on Windows 7 PC’s.

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