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List of Yahoo!’s Social Properties

A list of Yahoo!’s attempt into social media before the Tumblr acquisition announcement on May 2013.

Google Chrome, Early Results

By 9/3/2008, Google Chrome has apparently overtaken Opera to become the third popular browser used.

Google Chrome

Google relased Chrome, its browser product. Here are my first impressions after using this beta product.

Twitter Messages are Indexed by Search Engines

Twitter messages are indexed by search engines.

Safari is now available on Windows

The Safari browser is now available on Windows.

Google Buying Feedburner for $100 M

Techcrunch reported that Google is buying Feedburner for $100 M.

Google shows what’s hot in near real-time

Google’s latest product, Google Hot Trends, shows the top 100 hot queries for each day.

Please, Use UTF-8 Encoding

All Web 2.0 sites should use UTF-8 encoding to accomodate for double-byte languages.