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Shellshock Bash Bug

Since the announcement of the Shellshock Bash bug yesterday, there has been a lot of confusion on what this is, and how it may impact people. At the high level, it impacts bash, which is a “shell” program for systems running on some flavor of Unix such as Linux. For those who are interested in […]

Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed bug has been all over the media this week. The reason it’s generating so much buzz is because of its potential large impact. Many large websites have this vulnerability, so pretty much everyone needs to change some, if not all, of their passwords to minimize the impact. Many websites have come out and […]

Very Early Days of New gTLD – .GURU

The new gTLD’s (generic top-level domains) are now a reality, with the first batch of new gTLD’s going live within the last week. There are 7 new gTLD’s that are available on the web now: .bike .plumbing .ventures .singles .guru .holdings .clothing How is the adoption so far? Out of the 7, .GURU appears to […]

Dockster – New Mac Malware Found

Docster was a malware affecting Mac computers that was discovered in December, 2012. It allows attackers to gain control of victim’s computer.

BOTW Cyber Monday 2012 Promo Code 50% Off

BOTW is offering its best promo code of 2012 for Cyber Monday.

DNS Changer Malware and July 9, 2012

Computers infected by DNS Changer malware will not be able to access the internet come July 9, 2012. This article discusses the reason for this and shows how to detect and remove this trojan.

New Cyber Threat: Flame/Flamer/Skywiper Virus

Layman’s guide to the Flame/Flamer/Skywiper virus. This article explains what’s so dangerous about this virus and why there is so much buzz around it.

McAfee’s False Positive of w32/wecorl.a Caused Removal of svchost.exe

McAfee’s false positive on the w32/wecorl.a virus caused the antivirus software to delete or quarantine the svchost.exe file, which caused enterprise customers to suffer computer outages.