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WordPress Upgrade From 2.2 to 2.7.1

My experience in upgrading from Wordpress 2.2 to Wordpress 2.7.1 was relatively smooth, the only issue I ran into was the tagging feature.

Modify Title Tag in WordPress posts

The default WordPress page titles for single-post pages are usually not in a very SEO-friendly form.┬ For example, in the template I am using, the title for a single post looks like: TopCat Blog ┬╗ Blog Archive ┬╗ Converting from Blogger to WordPress. This is not good for SEO because the title of the post […]

Converting from Blogger to WordPress

Previously this blog had been on the Blogger platform.┬ Blogger has been fairly easy to use, but there were some areas that Blogger wasn’t satisfactory: 1. Category. ┬ Blogger does not allow me categorize my posts.┬ This is actually turning out to be an important feature for me because┬ I┬ am covering several different topics, […]

Pimp My Blog in 8 Steps – Steps 7 & 8: Header Tags and Enable Auto Discovery

This post talks about the final two steps in pimping my blog. 7. Change template for header tags You’ll want to make sure the most important elements of your blog, such as your blog title, are in the <h1> tag. Other elements, such as the date of your posting, should be de-emphasized and not be […]

Pimp My Blog in 8 Steps: Steps 5 & 6 – Make it easy to bookmark/share and subscribe

This post talks about steps 5 and 6 in pimping my blog. 5. Add, digg, and reddit links for people to easily bookmark and share your blog Bookmarking and bookmark sharing services allow users to keep their bookmarks on the web, as well as sharing these bookmarks with their community. As such, it is […]

Pimp My Blog In 8 Steps: Steps 3 & 4 – Sign Up For Feedburner and Technorati

This post talks about the next two steps in pimping my blog. 3. Sign up for Feedburner Feedburner is a feed management service. Since all blog software already provide a feed, you might wonder why you would want to sign up for a separate feed management service provider. There are several reasons: 1) Tracking: Feedburner […]

Pimp My Blog In 8 Steps: Steps 1 & 2 – Domain Name and Blog Software

This post talks about the first two steps in pimping my blog. 1. Decide what domain name to use For domain names, the easiest solution is to use the domain name of your blogging host. An example of this is (for Blogger). For someone who is a casual blogger, this is probably the way […]

Pimp My Blog in 8 Steps

Blogging is fun, and you obviously want others to read your blogs (otherwise you wouldn’t want to make it public, would you?) But in the vast worldwide web, how do you get other people to even know that your blog exists? This is the question I faced when I started looking into blogging recently. In […]