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MyBlogLog: A Marketing Tool

This article examines how MyBlogLog can be used as a marketing tool for bloggers.

Yahoo Now Supports ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag

Yahoo’s NOYDIR meta tag will cause Yahoo to show the title and description from your website, instead of from the Yahoo Directory.

“Miserable Failure” search no longer points to Bush’s official site

The poster child of Google Bombing, “Miserable Failure”, no longer points to George Bush’s official website.

It’s now OK to run Adsense with other contextual ad programs

It’s okay to run Adsense ads together with other contextual ads, provided that they do not resemble or mimic Adsense ads.

List of Official Google Blogs

We show the list of Google blogs that we are aware of as of November, 2006.

New search engine Zotspot pays users to search

Yesterday Zotspot announced the official launch of its search engine. What’s different about this search engine is that it is paying users to search. Users may also donate the money they earned to charities. Users can also earn money from referrals.

Google asking for feedback on Adsense / Google Analytics

Google is soliciting feedback on how Google Analytics can help webmasters be successful in AdSense. The feedback is running on Google Groups, so you’ll need a Google account (if you are using Google Analytics, you already have one), and your comment will be public. Back in SES San Jose, I asked some of the Google […]

Danny Sullivan announces his plans for 2007

Danny Sullivan announced his plans for 2007 in his blog today. In short, he will participate in next year’s SES conferences, although in a decreasing role with each one (chair of SES NY in April 2007, co-chair of SES SJ in August 2007, and consulting for SES Chicago in December 2007). For Search Engine Watch, […]