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Common Issues In Responsive Design Development Process

What can go wrong when you are developing a responsive design website, and what can be done to solve them.

Converting to Responsive Design With CSS

Recently I went through the process of converting several websites into responsive design. For those who are not familiar, the concept of responsive design is to make sure the website renders nicely on both desktop and mobile devices by serving up different CSS stylesheets depending on the screen width. Below are the steps I took […]

Mobile Analytics – Comparing AdMob, Bango, and Google Analytics

Compares 3 analytics packages for tracking mobile website traffic: Google Analytics, AdMob, and Bango. The results were compared to the actuals.

Please, Use UTF-8 Encoding

All Web 2.0 sites should use UTF-8 encoding to accomodate for double-byte languages.

How to Change Encoding in MagpieRSS

How to modify MagpieRSS to make sure double-byte characters display correctly.