New Wrinkles in Adsense Reporting

I noticed a couple of things in Adsense reporting:

1. Under “Advanced Report” in the Year dropdown box, the selections now range from 2001 to 2037. Not quite sure why this happened, as Adsense was first started in 2003 and it’s now 2007. The extra 30 years post 2007, as well as 2001 / 2002, just don’t seem necessary. This is perhaps related to the introduction of Referrals 2.0?

2. If you have Adsense Referrals 2.0 enabled and you have selected a group of ads to display (perhaps a category or ads or keyword-based buckets), you’ll find a) the list of products that you can select is now much bigger — you can track performance at the individual product/advertiser level, something that was not possible with Adsense For Content, and b) it now takes much longer to load the page, especially if you are promoting many of the Referrals 2.0 products.