Experimental Adsense Format?

Noticed link unit right below an ad unit — is this an experimental Adsense format Google is testing?

It’s now OK to run Adsense with other contextual ad programs

It’s okay to run Adsense ads together with other contextual ads, provided that they do not resemble or mimic Adsense ads.

Google updated its Adsense Program Policies

Google updated its Adsense policies to formalize the ban on placing images next to Adsense ads, and to specifically ban sites from stealing other people’s contents from displaying Adsense.

Google asking for feedback on Adsense / Google Analytics

Google is soliciting feedback on how Google Analytics can help webmasters be successful in AdSense. The feedback is running on Google Groups, so you’ll need a Google account (if you are using Google Analytics, you already have one), and your comment will be public. Back in SES San Jose, I asked some of the Google […]

Adsense Experimentation

I’ve experimented with two Adsense placement strategies during the past month: 1. Putting graphics on top of Adsense units. There has been a report that employing this technique can quadruple Adsense CTR by 4x. That was not the case for me. In fact, my CTR took a small dive. 2. Adding a second ad unit […]