TopCat’s Experience and Thoughts on Adsense Referrals 2.0

Google announced Adsense Referrals 2.0 three days ago. I am now writing about it three days later because I want to talk about my experience with it, rather than just repeat what Google said.

Not all Adsense publishers will see Referrals 2.0 right away. Once your Adsense account is upgraded (Google is upgrading accounts as we speak), you’ll be able to tap into the greatly expanded Referrals inventory. As we know, previously only Google products were on the Referrals inventory list.

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Adsense Referrals, Anyone?

When it comes to Adsense, people immediately think of Adsense for Content Ad Units. Some will mention that Adsense for Content Link Units can be profitable as well. Finally, a few people know that Adsense for Search can generate income. At the same time, Adsense Referrals get very little mention.

I have come to understand there are sites that generate more income through Adsense Referrals than through Adsense for Content. Initially I was shocked at how this was possible. Then, as I dug more into it, I started to understand how Adsense Referrals can be profitable as well.

Of course, the way to do that is not to just throw up Adsense Referral links, and expect people to click on it, and sign up / download the product you are promoting. The way to do it is to write a tutorial on signing up for that product. For example, if you are promoting Adsense for Content, you can write a tutorial on the application process, how to place the code in your webpage, etc.

Over the long run, I have no doubt that Adsense for Content is the most profitable component of Adsense. However, in the short run, it doesn’t hurt to give Adsense Referrals a serious look, especially now that Google has increased the payout for referrals. If you have a content website, writing a tutorial on how to use Adsense might not be a good idea; however, if you have a blog, this is definitely worth a try. This can be especially helpful if Adsense is not yet prevalent in the language you are targeting.