List of Yahoo!’s Social Properties

Today Yahoo! announced that it is acquiring Tumblr . This marks a revival of Yahoo’s efforts to get into the social space. This inspired me to look back on the history of Yahoo’s social efforts. The following is listed in chronological order by when Yahoo! acquired/launched the property:

Flickr (March 2005 to Present)
Yahoo! acquired Flickr to get into the photo sharing business, and Flickr later replaced Yahoo! Photos as it did not make sense to have two Photos properties for Yahoo!. Flickr is still going strong today, ranked as the 82nd most popular website in the world according to Alexa.

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Social bookmark sites: More than bookmarks

Do you have a account? Have you been using Blogmarks as your bookmark tool for a while now? How about other bookmarking sites? If you answer yes to these questions, you might already have a page with a non-zero PR value. That page is your user profile page. For example, in, it’s; in Blogmarks, that page is, where xxx is your user name.

What determines the PR value of a user profile page? It’s the same as any other web page — The more links to a page, the better it’s PR value. As a user, then, you just need to really use the service to bookmark your sites. The more pages your bookmark, the higher the PR of your user profile page is going to be. Also, don’t forget adding relevant tags to your bookmarks.

The significance of this is that if your user profile page already has a PR and you are launching a new site, all you have to do is bookmark your site to that particular bookmark service, and the search engine spiders will automatically find your new site from your user profile page. In addition, if your user profile page has a PR of at least 2, your site will likely to gain a PR value after the next Pagerank update.