Mobile Analytics – Comparing AdMob, Bango, and Google Analytics

Compares 3 analytics packages for tracking mobile website traffic: Google Analytics, AdMob, and Bango. The results were compared to the actuals.

More info available at Alexa

Alexa now includes 3 additional pieces of information: Reach, traffic distribution by country, and traffic rank by country.

Google Analytics Down

Google Analytics appears to be done since 9 am on February 1, 2007. By the end of day on February 2, 2007, the stats were all caught up.

Google asking for feedback on Adsense / Google Analytics

Google is soliciting feedback on how Google Analytics can help webmasters be successful in AdSense. The feedback is running on Google Groups, so you’ll need a Google account (if you are using Google Analytics, you already have one), and your comment will be public. Back in SES San Jose, I asked some of the Google […]

Google Analytics

I have been testing Google Analytics for a couple of months now, and thought it appropriate to share my experience with this tool. Setup You’ll sign up using your Google/Gmail account. There used to be a wait time before Google will give you access, but now you can instantly use Google Analytics. For each page […]