Browser Market Share, October 2007

Here is the browser market share for October 2007, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 63.75%
Firefox: 32.65%
Opera: 2.01%
Safari: 0.76%
Mozilla: 0.57%

Firefox had a strong October, gaining 0.99% during the month. Much of the increase came at the expense of IE, which saw a drop of 0.84% in October. The smaller browsers did not see much change. It’s worth noting that Firefox saw a new record high in October, after having just set a record high in September.

Browser Market Share, October 2006

Below is the % browser share, based on traffic to my two highest trafficked sites in October 2006:

  • IE: 68.2%
  • Firefox: 28.0%
  • Opera: 2.0%
  • Safari: 0.8%
  • Mozilla: 0.6%
  • Netscape: 0.3%
  • Konqueror: 0.1%

Compared to the September 2006 numbers, IE declined by 1.5%, and Firefox gained 1.5%. There was no significant change in the smaller players.

It’s also interesting to note that IE7 comprised 6.4% of all IE traffic, while Firefox 2.0 comprised 9.1% of all Firefox traffic. As Microsoft announced the launch of IE7 on October 18, and Firefox announced the launch of Firefox 2.0 on October 24, it’s apparent that Firefox 2.0 is gaining acceptance at a much faster rate than IE7. This may also be related to the perception that the first version of a Microsoft product tends to be buggy, so people are waiting for the bug fixes to happen before they upgrade.