Web Analytics

I was at SES San Jose, and one thing that was of particular interest to me was the state of web analytics. Having a data warehousing background myself, I was interested to find out what’s the latest and greatest on the analytics side for web traffic analysis.

The most popular web analytics vendors were all there. After all, all the attendees are interested in search engine strategies, so they must all have a web site, and hence need to analyze traffic on their site. I visited several booths, and found out that there really isn’t anything new and amazing in the market out there. I had mixed feelings about this: A little disapppointed that there is no real advancement (but then, I can say the same thing about the OLAP tool market for the last 3 years), while also a little giddy because I am not behind the tide.

I was inspired by what I saw to create a simple web analytics package on my own, something that would do the basics such as getting session information, do country lookup from IP address, landing page analysis, etc. Nothing fancy on the graphics side or SEM analysis. The basically framework is now ready, and I am already using this to analyze my own web sites. With some additional modification to make this more configurable, I could make this a free downloadable resource — now this would be a nice link baiting strategy. :)