List of Yahoo!’s Social Properties

Today Yahoo! announced that it is acquiring Tumblr . This marks a revival of Yahoo’s efforts to get into the social space. This inspired me to look back on the history of Yahoo’s social efforts. The following is listed in chronological order by when Yahoo! acquired/launched the property:

Flickr (March 2005 to Present)
Yahoo! acquired Flickr to get into the photo sharing business, and Flickr later replaced Yahoo! Photos as it did not make sense to have two Photos properties for Yahoo!. Flickr is still going strong today, ranked as the 82nd most popular website in the world according to Alexa.

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Yahoo Now Supports ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag

Yahoo Search announced today that it is supporting the NOYDIR meta tag, which will allow webmasters full control over the title and description of their sites. Currently, if a site is included in the Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Search will always display the title and description stored in the Yahoo Directory, which may be out of sync with what the site has currently.

It will be interesting to see how much effect this change has on the rankigns of the sites currently in the Yahoo Directory. My initial guess is that most site might see a slight enhancement in their rankings because the title and description Yahoo uses should now be more relevant.

[Updated on March 1, 2007] One day after including the “NOYDIR” meta tag, I found that the title and description of my sites have changed, although it has little impact on the rankings.

Google-Youtube deal announced

Google announced its acquisition of Youtube after the market closed today in a stock purchase valued at $1.65 billion. I’ve outlined why I thought this is a good purchase for all parties involved in the previous post.

The fallout with this purchase is that Yahoo will most likely speed up its courtship of Facebook, which is the next biggest Web 2.0 site that is available on the market. The Google-Youtube deal, however, does give Facebook more leverage in its negotiations with all suiters. Expect Yahoo to announce its purchase of Facebook soon, and at a higher price than the $1 billion that has been mentioned recently.