How To Add Category RSS To Your Blog With Feedburner

Some blogs cover multiple categories, and your readers may only be interested in only a few of the categories, not all of them. You can offer your readers feeds that only cover specific categories. WordPress does offer this capability out of the box, but it’s not the default. Furthermore, you will want to burn all your category RSS feeds with Feedburner. Below I list the steps for adding category RSS to a WordPress blog using Feedburner:

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How to Put Site Search on Your Website Using Google Custom Search Engine

A good practice for websites is to include a site search functionality on the site, so your visitors can locate the information they are looking for quickly. But how to set this up? And how can I keep the search results on my site so that the visitors don’t leave? In this post, I will discuss how to set up a site search using Google Custom Search Engine, with the result pages hosted on your own domain. The two key steps are 1) create your custom search engine, and 2) place the code in your website.

Create Custom Search Engine

First login to your Google account, then go to your Google Coop page. Click on the My Search Engines link under the Create your own search engine header, and click on the New Search Engine link. You’ll see the following screen.

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