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Tokyo Trip and 787 Dreamliner Experience

I recently took a trip to Tokyo, and I want to share my experience of the trip, which hopefully can be of use to some people. Google Map Directions First, I will say that Google Map directions will get you to the vicinity of where you want to go without any problem. If you use […]

WinAntiVirus Attack

My computer was attacked by WinAntiVirus, and I was able to remove it by using Windows XP’s System Restore function.

Possible Phone Scam

Recently I have received several phone calls that appear to be scams. Read to find out the characteristics of these phone calls.

Adsense for Content now available in 4 additional languages

Google has announced that Adsense for content is now also available in Croatian, Czech, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese.

Adsense testing with PHP

Explains how you can test Adsense ad performance using PHP.

Japanese Web Page Not Rendering in IE6

I had been working on some web pages in Japanese, and found some of the pages showed up blank in IE6. This was quite strange for a couple of reasons: 1. The same pages rendered ok in Firefox, Opera, and even IE7. 2. When I do a “view source”, I can see the full HTML […]

Get Paid to Blog?

The “get paid to blog” business is growing, and it’s already much bigger than I had thought. When I started doing research for this topic, I kept finding new sites that are offering to match up advertisers and bloggers. Originally I was going to provide a list of top sites, but there are just too […]

Suggestions for Youtube Search

Youtube has grown tremendously in popularity, both in English-speaking countries as well as non-English-speaking countries. This is pretty amazing given that its interface is in English only. The site is pretty easy to navigate, and it has an amazing amount of content. Youtube’s search function, however, can use a bit of help. I have 3 […]