Firefox Extension from SEO Quake

The second Firefox extension I tried was SEO Quake’s tool. This tool can be installed from Firefox’s extensions page at By the way, previously I had been using the term “plugin”, but it appears that “extension” is the proper term, so I’ll use “extension” from now on.

The highlights for this extension include:

1. Works on Yahoo, Google, MSN, and Russian search engines Rambler and Yandex by supplementing search results with key SEO statistics for each result.

2. For other web sites, a SEO Quake toolbar appears just above the page to indicate key SEO statistics for that page.

Below is the screenshot of how the extension looks on a Google search results page:


1: Extra space taken up by SEO Quake, quite possibly for its own sponsored search results later.
2: Information related to each term.
3: The SQ symbol on the status bar means the SEOQuake extension tool has been installed.

Below is the screenshot of how the extension looks on a non-search results page:

seoquake Â

4: A toolbar showing SEO statistics for the site you are viewing.

Below is the score for each category:

Ease of installation: 5
Ease of use: 4
Amount of time for the information to appear: 5
Usefulness of information presented: 4
Amount of real estate taken up: 4
Documentation: 3
Total: 25

Ease of installation: Installation was quick and problem free.

Ease of use: It’s about at the same level as the SEO Book extension.

Amount of time for the information to appear: Data loads quickly.

Usefulness of information presented: The only thing missing is query-level information for web searches.

Amount of real estate taken up: On search results pages, only the metrics user specified show up. This avoided wasting valuable space. The toolbar showing site-specific SEO data took up a bit more space than I’d like to see.

Documentation: Adequate documentation is available at

Wish List

1. I did not like the fact that the SEO Quake message appears in the sponsored search listings area.

2. Better documentation. It took me a bit of time to find out Yandex and Rambler are both Russian search engines.