Top 25 Influencers in Business Intelligence

Here’s the list of top 25 influencers in the field of business intelligence. The ranking is based on Klout score. We used the Klout’s top business intelligence influencers as the starting point, and we checked the top influencers for these accounts (sometimes going out to multiple levels) to arrive at the list below.

1. MicroStrategy @microstrategy
Klout Score 79
Business Intelligence and Mobile Intelligence Software. For better, faster business decisions.

2. Mico Yuk @MicoYuk
Klout Score 66
Founder &, Entrepreneur, BI Influencer, Global Speaker, #dataviz Geek, #BIDF Coach, #Xcelsius Guru.

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MicroStrategy 8

I had the chance recently to attend a session where MicroStrategy representatives discussed the new features implemented in the new MicroStrategy 8.

There were basically two improvements over the prior version:
1. MicroStrategy 8 added plenty of features for users to generate nice-looking reports.
2. MicroStrategy 8 added additional data source connectivity capabitilies.

That was pretty much it. When I first saw MicroStrategy 7, I was very impressed as it represented a big step forward from their earlier versions. With 8, I was not as impressed. One thing that was interesting was the absence of any new, more power OLAP features. I am wondering if this means that the OLAP tool vendors have pretty much included all the features that can be added, and now can only improve their product by expanding into other areas of data warehousing such as reporting, data mining, and ETL?