SEOpen Firefox Extension

Today let’s take a look at the SEOpen Firefox extension. This extension can be downloaded from This extension adds a toolbar on Firefox, from where you can view SEO-related information from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Alexa, and several other resources on the page you are at.

Below is a screenshot of what the extension looks like when clicking on “Other Tools”.

seopen  Â

Below is the score for each category:

Ease of installation: 5
Ease of use: 3
Amount of time for the information to appear: 4
Usefulness of information presented: 3
Amount of real estate taken up: 3
Documentation: 3
Total: 21

Ease of installation: Installation was quick and problem free.

Ease of use: There was a problem with one of the links (page size, which returned a 404).

Amount of time for the information to appear: It takes two clicks to get to the desired information. Once the metrics are selected, though, information does appear quickly.

Usefulness of information presented: Good for getting info on the page you are on. A minus is that it shows backlinks info from Google, and it is known that the link: command in Google returns incorrect numbers.

Amount of real estate taken up: An additional toolbar appears on the browser.

Documentation: Adequate documentation is available at

Wish List

Make sure all links are valid.

Take out information that is known to be highly inaccurate (such as backlinks from Google).