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Convert From HTTP to HTTPS Using CloudFlare SSL

I recently converted a website from HTTP to HTTPS using CloudFlare’s Universal SSL, which is free and does not require installation on the server, two factors that had prevented me from doing this previously. Here are the steps I took to convert my website to HTTPS: 1. Update all internal links to point to the […]

How To Convert Tape To Digital Format

I have a collection of over 200 music cassette tapes, and I have been going through the process of copying the contents of these tapes into digital format and storing them on my computer. This process is fairly straightforward, but it does take time. At the high level, what you need to do is to […]

File Transfer Between Android and PC

Describe the steps I used to set up file transfer from PC to Android, and from Android to PC.

Download Pictures From Your Feature Phone Via Bluetooth

This article provides instructions on how to download pictures from your feature phone to your computer.

Check Server Load On Shared Host Using PHP

We show a simple PHP script that will allow you to check the server load on your shared hosting plan.

Change Domain Registrar

Lists the steps in doing a domain transfer. Also, discusses when a year will be added to the expiration date of the domain and when that’s not the case.

How To Download Video From Youtube

Step-by-step instructions on how to download video from Youtube.

How To Connect to SQL Server From Unix

Shows how to connect to SQL Server from a Unix machine, and lists a couple of things to watch out for.